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Thread Contributor: StephanBruhDarkRP - Rules
DarkRP Rules

1) Don't RDM/RDA/NLR/FailRP.
2) Don't mic spam/play music (unless you're a DJ).
3) Don't job abuse.
4) FearRP is enforced.
5) Maximum mug is 5k.
6) Advert mug/raid/kidnap/steal/assist.
7) No advertisement/promotion of anything that's not related to the server.
8) Do not prop block/prop climb/prop push.
9) Don't be racist.
10) Don't be disrespectful, especially not against staff.
11) You cannot kill someone just because they are being annoying/disrespectful
(If this is the case call staff).
12) Calling staff is done by using a @ in chat. If you don?t use this format your
calls will most likely not be answered.
13) Don't ask staff for money

1) Don't request fake warrants.
2) Mafia members work for its mafia boss ONLY.
3) Law Enforcement can't base, nor have printers or drugs.
4) No Police/SWAT bribes.
5) In order to bail out of prison, you need to pay the mayor ONLY. Not the
6) If you're roleplaying as a certain job, make sure you're doing what the job
requires; If not you might be demoted.
7) City laws can't contradict the server rules.
8) After you complete a hit, advert it so your target knows the reason to why
they died.
9) Hitmans cannot ask someone to request a hit for a specific target.
10) Only criminals can own printers.

1) No one way prop shooting
2) You're only allowed to have 3 fading doors maximum
3) Each player can only have 1 base/house maximum
4) In order to take over a huge part of the map you would need to be 4 or more
5) Don't abuse fading doors (FDA). Every time you want to use a fading door,
use the keypad or button.
6) Fading door minimum time is 5 seconds
7) Put a "BUILDING" Textscreen sign if you're building your base
8) Do not abuse the "BUILDING" signs for printing etc.
9) Put a "KOS" or "Kill On Sight" sign if you want to kill players if they enter your

1) Mug cooldown is 2 minutes.
2) Raid cooldown is 10 minutes, 30 minutes if it's on the same person.
3) Kidnap cooldown is 5 minutes.
5) NLR cooldown is 5 minutes.
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