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Thread Contributor: nick921Nvidia Control Panel not working
Actually, I'm trying to to open Nvidia Control Panel yet sadly I cannot open it. I have taken a stab at scanning for the application yet I couldnt discover it. I have just refreshed to my most recent drivers. I still couldnt discover anything. The card works fine however I cannot change which illustrations card to pick. The Control Panel Folder in Program Files/Nvidia is missing and I accept that is the reason it wont open. This is a GTX 1060 card running on a lenovo workstation.
There are various users who have faced this issue named NVidia Control Panel Missing. Here we have some methods to fix it for you but if you want to go for detailed methods then you can go for this link https://appuals.com/fix-nvidia-control-panel-missing/

1- Stop Overclocking Your GPU: This is a procedure where users can alter change the frequency as well as speed of their processor to a bigger value and beyond the factory settings. By doing this your PC gets a substantial speed boost but keep in mind that there were occasions where whole PCs went down in flames the time users overclocked them a lot of times or because of their carelessness. Setting GPU’s rate and frequency to its real state is based on which software users are utilizing to overclock. There are AMD and Nvidia, that have their own app accessible to download which allow users to overclock their GPU.

2- Opening the Control Panel Process on your own:
i) As first step you can tap Ctrl + Shift + Esc key altogether to open the Task Manager and press on the option of more details in case the window is minimized and find the Nvidia Container entry, right-click and pick Open File Location.
ii) Here in the folder of Nvidia, go Up one folder till you have Nvidia Corporation Folder and find the folder titled Control Panel Client. iii) Now open it, and look for the app termed nvcplui.exe. AS last step right-click on it and select the option of Run as administrator.

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