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Thread Contributor: Darkestwolf12Darkestwolf12 app
Steam Name: Darkestwolf12


Steam URL:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198144955298/

Are you on our Discord? (Name and Discord ID): Darkestwolf12#7997


Time-Zone (e.g UTC, BST):US Central (time: 4:37pm)

Age (Minimum 15):20

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to use it? (This is not a requirement but makes everything easier):yes

How many warnings do you have on the server? (Under 5 recommended):0

Have you been banned/kicked on the server? (If so state why)never have

Do you have past experience of being Staff? (If so state the rank and your tasks):Yes on a 2 murder servers

How much time could you spend on the server in an average week?:I do work from 5am-1:30pm but after im free so prob about 4-7 hrs 

What values would you add to the team? (50 words minimum):I am skilled at catching script users(hackers/cheaters) i can spot aimbot,esp,etc. i also can promote positivity through humour and 
take out negativity as it is not needed and is not what grows a playerbase on a server. I can give ample
time to promote positivity as well as i have a lot of free time after work

Why do you want to be staff? (150 words minimum):I have played on the server for a while now almost everyday i come on there is script users/hackers on and it ruins the game for everyone. I would like to become staff so i can prevent this from happening by banning them etc so as to not promote negativity and promote positivity in the server so everyone enjoys their time playing i also want to give time to the community and help it grow and keep a big playerbase and promote a community that people can come on to play and have fun with the many different players that are playing already I also assume your in need of staff as i have never seen any on except today out of the many days i have played on the server i can provide ample time to the server so positivity can remain in the server.

Tell us more about yourself (75 words minimum): I am a 20 year old man who can be funny and mature. I like to play games, watch movies, and exercise when i am not at work I have been told by many people that i am a hard worker and i believe i am because i put all my effort nothing less than that into what i am doing. i have staffed for 2 murder servers in the past in that time i promoted positivity on 1 server that just started up at that time and gave humour when i was playing and in doing so the playerbase grew and with held even when i left do to personal issues also in that time i got to know how to spot the many hacks/cheats/scripts that were being used by players such as aimbot,chatspam,namesteal,esp,opk and more 

PS: i hope to hear from you if possible contact me on discord as I get alerts and am quick to respond most of the time.

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